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Our Customers Stories

"I was impressed by the knowledge of their entire team, as well as how seamless it was to work with multiple staff on different components of the project. Our project had several moving pieces that demanded a high level of flexibility in order to accommodate shifting timelines on more than one occasion. Not only was Robb and his team willing to adapt, but took the time to provide thorough and patient explanations of the processes involved every step of the way." - Minnesota Network of Hospice & Palliative Care


Preventing Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse on college campuses is reaching epidemic portions. To help reverse this trend a Minnesota foundation contracted with Rivertown Communications to develop a three module e-learning series to be given to incoming college freshmen. Rivertown worked with their subject matter expert to develop an engaging series of modules.

With the target audience in mind we developed a highly visual, highly interactive training that involves the learner in short topics using video clips, scenarios, and learning games.

screen capture of Hazeldens Sexual Violence prevention course

Stearns County Food Safety Program

Stearns County, MN and U.S. FDA

Rivertown Communications was awarded a 3 year contract to develop a series of 20 e-learning modules training food service personnel on food safety policies and procedures. To maintain learner interest we included numerous scenarios, interactions, and role-playing activities. The training supports non-English speaking staff by providing a selection of alternate languages.

The modules are delivered, and learner tracking is provided by Rivertown's Inspire LCMS® learning management system. This system is fully customizable and we added features allowing Stearns County inspectors to produce reports showing restaurant compliance for individual inspection routes. Rivertown is also providing end-user support of this program through our technical support line.

Stearns County and the food service operation they work with are extremely pleased with the effectiveness of this program. Stearns County has documented a 65% reduction in critical violation during the first two years of the program operation.

Stearns County Food Safety Program screencapture

Introduction to Assistive Technology 

Minnesota STAR Program

Rivertown Communications specializes in developing e-Learning, video and websites that are accessible to everyone, including users with visual or hearing disabilities. For many projects developing accessible applications is a requirement under federal and state law. We believe that developing accessible applications is always a good idea and usually improves usability for everyone. Rivertown Communications is active in promoting accessible communications on a state and federal level.  We have a Minnesota Access-IT Master Contract which makes contracting with us easy for public agencies in Minnesota. For more information on Rivertown's commitment to accessibility visit Rivertown & Accessibility.

Introduction to Assistive Technology screencapture

Employee Training For Higher Productivity

Sachs Electric Inc.

Sachs Electric, a national electrical contractor based in St. Louis Missouri contracted Rivertown Communications to develop and host their new online Sachs University training system. When complete, this learning system will contain over 120 online courses covering everything from project bidding, accounting, project management, employee policies and procedures. Content development is being done by Sachs subject matter experts working with our instructional designers. The e-learning is being developed using Storyline 2 & 3 and custom programming. The completed modules are being hosted and delivered using Rivertown's Inspire LCMS® learning management system.

Employee Training For Higher Productivity screencapture

Protecting People During Civil Commitment

MN Department of Human Services

The Minnesota DHS Civil Commitment e-learning was developed to serve as both a training program and a quick reference resource for Minnesota's civil commitment program. The training covers the legal requirements and professional responsibility needed to respect the rights of individuals involved with this program.

The screens were designed to provide an accurate summary for program specifics with more in-depth material available to system users as desired. The target audience is legal professionals and case managers involved with this process. This program meets all accessibility requirements.

Protecting People During Civil Commitment screencapture

An introduction to HIV

The Minnesota AIDS project

Rivertown Communications worked with a dedicated staff of The Minnesota AIDS Project organization to develop an e-learning program to bring concern persons up to a common understanding of HIV/AIDS issues. This program is to be designed both as a freestanding course or to be used in connection with a live presentation. The program contains a basic overview of HIV/AIDS, current epidemiology information, supporting facts and figures, and how to discuss sensitive issues with clients. This program meets all accessibility requirements.

This program is hosted and delivered from the Rivertown Inspire LCMS® and is a first module in a series of trainings.

An introduction to HIV screencapture

Staff Training On PREA

Minnesota Department of Corrections

Training on PREA, or the Prison Rape Elimination Act is required for all corrections officers and staff in institutions nationwide. This video contains a series of scenarios and the possible outcomes as determined by the actions taken by MN DOC staff. This video is intended to support classroom instruction by presenting real life situation to encourage class/instructor discussion. A number of situations are presented involving an offender and DOC staff person and the class participants are asked to select among several possible courses of action a staff member can take. The likely outcome of this decision is then presented as a continuation of the initial video scenario and is the basis of discussion.

This video meets all accessibility requirements.

Staff Training On PREA screencapture

On Demand Presentations

Minnesota Department of Human Services

Minnesota DHS is hosting a series of academic lectures for professionals working with persons with Alzheimer's disease. Unfortunately, many of these professionals cannot attend the live session. To address this issue Rivertown communications worked with DHS to develop a custom presentation system to deliver a video of the presenter, their slides, a transcript of their audio, and additional technical resources when appropriate. This presentation system is available online to authorize professionals at any time. The presentations in the system tools are fully accessible.

This system is powered by Rivertown's Inspire LCMS®.

On Demand Presentations screencapure

Safe at Home

Office of the MN Secretary of State

This video is one of several we produced for the Minnesota Secretary of State.  It is a two-video set (one for law enforcement and one for consumers) detailing how the "Safe at Home" program works to keep vulnerable persons safe from abusers.  We provided complete production services including scripting, taping, editing and DVD authoring and closed captioning.  Other videos we produced for them include “Election Judge Training” and “Voting in Minnesota”.

All videos meet accessibility requirements.

Safe at Home screencapture

Protecting Victims From Stalkers

Office of the MN Secretary of State

This video is one of several we produced for the Minnesota Secretary of State on the "Safe at Home” program.  It is a two-video set (one for law enforcement and one for consumers) detailing how the "Safe at Home" program works to keep vulnerable persons safe from abusers.  We provided complete production services including scripting, taping, editing, DVD authoring and closed captioning. 

Videos meet all accessibility requirements.

Protecting Victims From Stalkers screen captures

Reducing Unemployment

MN Department of Human Services and MN DEED

The Individual Placement & Support (IPS) video is a multifaceted project including 3 videos, a website, audio interviews and public television distribution. The IPS program is one where DEED staff helps find jobs for people with difficult employment histories. Rivertown Communications. Rivertown Communications is providing all production staff and equipment, graphics design staff and media distribution. We are working closely with both MN DEED and DHS staff during the design, interviewing, and production process.

Videos meet all accessibility requirements.

Reducing Unemployment screencapture

Training Child Protection Workers

MN Department of Human Services

The "Caseworker Visits" series of 8 videos discusses the issues faced by a dependent child's caseworker on a daily basis. We wrote production scripts by interviewing numerous caseworkers and child care workers with the MN DHS. Some of the issues explored were the needs of infants, foster care placements, caseworker visits, substance abuse, problems at school, and transitioning out of the foster care system.

The videos produced for this educational series may be repurposed in an e-learning course soon. This is an excellent way to obtain an additional benefit from an earlier production and can be quite cost-effective.

Training Child Protection Workers screencapture

More Information

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