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About Rivertown Communications

Rivertown Communications, Inc. has been developing custom e-Learning training programs for over thirty years. Companies and government agencies of all sizes use our Learning Management Systems to meet a variety of training needs. Whatever your training needs, Rivertown can help.

What we do

Our goal is to make your employees and other learners as effective as possible. Rivertown develops e-learning and video-based training courses using knowledge you already have or engaging experts to develop new material.

  • In meetings with your staff we identify key goals and critical content.
  • Our instructional designers develop custom lessons targeted to your precise needs.
  • Our graphic designers and video professionals create visual elements to effectively support the training.
  • Our programmers integrate all elements to develop e-Learning programs or video productions and make that material readily available to your audience, anytime and anywhere.
  • Testing and learner tracking can be integrated into the training modules to measure progress and certify mastery.
  • We can deliver this all within a fully supported cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Rivertown Communications will work with your staff every step of the way to deliver the courseware you need with as much involvement on your part as you choose.
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Our Typical Customer

We work with small organizations and large government agencies and corporations. What they have in common is an identified training need they cannot readily develop, test, and implement with available staff.

Rivertown Communications works with client training teams to produce finished courseware, from a single e-Learning module or video production to a complete learning system. We can work from an existing script or start from scratch to research, conceptualize, and finish an instructional design.