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The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.
–Alvin Toffler
e-learning solutions

E-Learning Solutions

After meeting with you and listening to your needs, we’ll present you with a customized list of recommendations that will help you reach your goal.

targeted learning tools

Targeted Learning

We have all the tools needed to create a compelling, interactive e-learning for you, from the Adobe suite of creative programs, to video production gear and the professional on-camera and voice-over talent to make your product sparkle, to translators and accessibility experts.

custom visual elements

Custom Visual Elements

Your e-learning program needs quality visual elements to illustrate the content and to engage your learner. Our graphic artists will create the images, illustrations and animations that will do just that.

testing & learning tracking

Testing & Learning Tracking

It’s common sense that if your learners know they will be tested on your e-learning content, they will pay more attention to that content. We’ll design scenarios, interactions and tests that keep your learners engaged. And, your (or our) Learning Management System will track your learner’s progress.

customized management system

Customized Management System

We offer complete e-learning systems and that includes our Inspire LMS® (Learning Content Management System). With Inspire you can deliver your courses world-wide and track your learner’s progress. As added bonus with the Inspire system is the ability for your non-programmers to assemble new courses within Inspire.

training and implementation

Training and Implementation

When you partner with Rivertown Communications we’re with you for the life of your e-learning program. After we install (and test) your new program in the LMS of your choice, we’ll train your admin staff on the mechanics of its operation.

Our Clients

At Rivertown Communications, we’re not tied to one specific industry or type of company. Rather, we simply provide custom e-learning solutions that work—no matter who you are. For more than thirty years, we’ve helped companies continue to evolve as they grow, building stronger teams, creating confident leaders, and uniting people through processes.